Promachon Eleftherias 1, Ayios Athanasios, 4103 Limassol, Cyprus - P.O.Box 54390 3723, Limassol Cyprus

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Birth place of the Ancient Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. Some 11,000 years ago, seafaring people from the Near East landed their boats on the island of Cyprus. The easternmost isle in the Mediterranean, Cyprus has long been a place where influences from East and West meet. Cyprus is the third largest island in the […]

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The most historic Club of the island of Cyprus founded in 1960 at the city of Famagusta. Located then, at the Jerry Island in Famagusta, and today at the shore front of Limassol, played an important role in the development of water sports in Cyprus. The Clubs history is marked with great athletic achievements, as […]

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A sailors’ paradise in Eastern Mediterranean Cyprus has the warmest climate and warmest winters in the Mediterranean part of the European Union.. The average annual temperature on the coast is around 24°C (75°F) during the day and 14°C (57°F) at night. Among all cities in the Mediterranean part of the European Union, Limassol has the […]

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With two major airports – one in Larnaca and one in Paphos – guests can easily have plenty of options to travel to Cyprus from all over the World. A 67km drive from Larnaca International Airport to Limassol OR A 67km drive from Paphos International Airport to Limassol From Limassol, every other major city of […]

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Upon collaboration with ORC, we will be working with a very experienced event management team, race officers to work alongside with our local IROs Yiannis & Elena Papazoglou, onshore staff and an International Jury. The event management will be formed by Stelios Charalambous, N.O.A. & Ioannideia Organizers. The International Jury will be formed according to […]

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First and foremost, Sailing Tradition A Group of Experts in Organizing the Event, as well as managing the Racing Activities. A Venue at which an International Offshore Regatta is organized every year, in IOANNIDEIA. This provides the opportunity for long term planning for the   Offshore Teams, in order to prepare at the highest level.

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